I’m off to Montreal for the weekend, kids. Here are some rock and roll classics to get the weekend started. The first comes from none other than the DEMON of SCREAMIN………. MISTER STEVEN TYYYYLLLL ……. er…. HARPER! I wonder if he’s singing about our new trade agreement with China?

See, believe, not be able to un-see.

NB Provincial Election 2014: the leaders on arts & culture - YouTube →

The leaders of the 4 major parties quickly share their views on the value of the arts. My take, from best to worst: NDP leader Dominic Cardy wins because he has concrete, relevant plans to benefit the arts community (going beyond simple funding). Greens’ David Coon seems to genuinely appreciate the arts but doesn’t offer specifics; not campaigning hard because he knows he’s not going to win?. Liberal Brian Gallant is obviously reading prepared remarks and politicking, selling the arts as a valued part of the mix and upping payouts, but seems competent overall, which seems like what he’s going for. PC incumbent David Alward doesn’t seem to get it, in a ‘fan’ sense. In a ‘voter support’ and ‘economic driver’ sense, he’s aware that there’s a value there. Grain of salt: he’s also the only one of the four who has hands-on experience with the job and day-to-day challenges facing the province. How do we know an NDP government could actually deliver? Can any of them save us?????

Landing the Earthship →

Guy builds Earthship just down the road from my childhood home, makes it into the paper. Do I detect a snicker from the interviewer in the video when he talks about grey water?

Fun shows this weekend. I missed seeing Galactic last night at Harvest Jazz and Blues because we played at the same time as them. I’d like to see them sometime - apparently it’s a New Orleans party band. Their drummer, Stanton Moore, is one of those guys you always see in Modern Drummer. Not exactly my scene, but I can appreciate the craft when it’s this groovy. Dig this video and cop a hip lick for your own bag of tricks, you zazzing jazz cat…………..